"This is the first model in the British wool sector thinking first about giving the farmer more money which they can knit back into the business or community." Brannach Olann

From farm gate we all have a responsibility to do our best


We grow British Wool

We are a dynamic group of 600 farmers that campaign for a greater recognition of British Wool.

We are part of a community of breeders who believe in good animal husbandry, reducing routine antibiotic use and supporting local biodiversities.

“I’m so pleased to see companies adopting a more responsible approach to sourcing wool and to know that it’s been grown in the best environments.” Georgie

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We explore and buy British wool types specified for an end use

We are a small team of wool buyers with a big vision to create a new model of business that supports evolutionary agriculture and market transparency.

Led by Alan Walsh, the team has over 40 years of international wool buying experience complimented with a dedicated network of suppliers.

The declining value of wool has refocussed Brannach Olann’s purpose and operations. They see that by investing more time and resources into their grower relationships, the output is a superior wool fibre, traced with care.

The environmental and ethical business aspirations of Brannach Olann and H.Dawson are to directly benefit the environment and ensure we leave a legacy of accountable business for generations to come.


We design and supply traceable British wool products

We are an established wool based team committed to delivering products which promote environmental and social change. We work together with suppliers and customers to design ingredient products created from British wool and eco fibres.

Since 1888, the Dawson family has supplied the finest to the coarsest wool globally.

In recent years, fourth generation, and advocate to regenerative agriculture, Jo Dawson has widened the portfolio of wool based businesses in which they have an involvement.

These include the iconic Axminster Carpets, the original manufacturer and inventor of the Axminster weave;  HDWool Active Insulation, a provider of sustainable and performance-led garment insulation; and the core raw material supply business H. Dawson Natural Fibre Technologies.

It was Jo’s early experience with farm life that created an intuitive connection to the land. He believed there was a better way to grow fibres which gave back to the land. This developing vision has transformed the business as the first supplier to offer traceable British wool, eco fibres and ecological technologies. Offering natural fibre solutions diminishes the reliance on man-made fibres and reduces microplastics in the ocean.

By 2025 the company’s vision is to source traceable wool and eco-fibres from farms practising regenerative agriculture techniques.


We handle British wool to make product

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