Meet Jo Dawson


How long have you been with the business?

I joined the family business in 1995. I first starting work in our New Zealand and Australian offices, then headed back to the UK in 1996 to be based in our Bradford office.

What is your role at The Woolkeepers®?

I am one of the founders of The Woolkeepers® and act as its Chairman.

What do you love about your job?

I love the fact that this job allows me to make fabulous wool products (which already have so many health-giving properties) that have the potential to help sequester carbon – one of the major challenges we are facing.

What makes you get up in the morning?

See my last answer! I am passionate about the potential of wool and how much it can offer us in terms of quality and its sustainable properties. The growth in consumer interest in provenance and natural fibres over the last two years has been incredible

What’s your favourite podcast?

Jon Richardson and the Futurenauts – a wonderfully irreverent look at the state of the world and how we can make changes for the better

Who inspires you the most?

My children. They are a wonderful image of the world I would like to see.

What is your connection to wool?

I grew up on a sheep farm and have been involved in the family wool business since 1995.  I understand the challenges faced by farmers and equally the brands who are interested to buy wool products.  It is a privilege to be able to connect the two ends of the chain.

Why wool?

Wool is a hugely versatile, natural, renewable and biodegradable fibre.  In this day and age these are great attributes.  But the benefits don’t stop there.  Well managed sheep can help reverse climate change.  Wool products are naturally breathable, odour resistant, comfortable and flame resistant.  Plus they absorb Volatile Organic Compounds.  What is not to love about this fibre provided by nature?!

What would be the biggest environmental achievement in your career with wool?

Setting up The Woolkeepers® independently verified traceable British supply chain that works with leading farmers to bring them into close contact with the end user-brands and the consumer. The journey with these farmers to transition their activity towards the use of Regenerative Agricultural techniques has the potential to make a genuinely considerable impact in the fight against climate change.

When did you first meet James Keen at Hypnos and what did you like about the company?

I met James when setting up the fully traceable, independently verified Woolkeepers® supply chain from farm through to the components that we supply to Hypnos.  James and his colleagues are driven to create the most environmentally friendly products that are super comfortable to sleep on.  A great partner to work with to deliver the best raw material in a format that the modern consumer loves.

What inspires you about the community behind The Woolkeepers®?

It is the ability to collaborate with the team within the supply chain all the way to the farmer. From farm-gate to shop-front.  They are the hidden heroes who really deserve to be recognised for their tireless pursuit to make the most of this fabulous fibre.

Have you met any of The Woolkeepers®, where and when?

Yes I have been delighted to meet several of The Woolkeepers® farmers as well as several end consumers who have now become Woolkeepers® in looking after their fabulous wool products.

How much Woolkeepers® wool has been processed over the last 2 years?

Over 860,000kgs

What is the future for The Woolkeepers®?

The Woolkeepers® will continue to grow the supply chains with additional brand adoptions which link farmer to end user.  We are excited for the future that will see more and more farmers being recognised for their drive to improve the environment we all live in.


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