The Woolkeepers® is an initiative that’s committed to transforming the wool industry.

We create sustainable and regenerative routes to market that benefits farmers, animals, consumers, and land in equal measure. We work in harmony with agriculture and implement existing third-party mechanisms to certify the assurance of fibre through our Woolkeeping community.

Integrity and sustainability drive us and guide our efforts to elevate an industry that has been undervalued for too long. Our mission balances commercial value with social and environmental change – communicating the countless benefits of wool growing and production to maximise positive impact, and to generate the acclaim that British wool deserves. As consumer consciousness rises to match the increasing collective pressure to fight climate change, products formed of low-impact materials have risen significantly in commercial appeal.  Animal-derived fibres like wool provide an excellent sustainable replacement for synthetic made products.

The Woolkeepers® work with a host of global brands providing a progressive verified approach to sourcing wool that’s environmentally and socially mindful. By working with likeminded businesses and manufacturers who are invested in driving change, The Woolkeepers® are able to raise the value of British wool and the reward the sheep farming community for producing a valuable certified raw material.


A tradition for innovation backed by over 100 years of heritage. The Laxton name has been synonymous with spinning fancy and worsted yarns since 1907. Quickly establishing itself as an innovator in the sector, modern technology sits alongside traditional skills. The Laxton story is as rich as the many fabrics they have helped create. After reshoring it’s commercial manufacturing in the early 2000’s, Laxtons evolved their vision to provide a portfolio which strives for premium yarn quality, verified traceability and bespoke fibre sourcing.

“It is our mission to bring to you a fully traceable yarn from The Woolkeepers® that guarantees fair pay to farmers, ensuring the welfare of their animals whilst supporting the sustainability of the British farming industry” James Laxton



Why Wooltrace?

Positive, environmental and social change is the driving force behind the Wooltrace initiative. To create full transparency, add your lot number to our ‘Farm Finder’ allowing you to see the full journey back to farm.


By purchasing from our Wooltrace range you are guaranteeing a fair price is paid to our farmers.









All our farmers are kind to their animals and are signed up to the five freedoms of animal welfare.












Full traceability back to farm. See where your wool came from by typing the batch code into the Wooltrace ‘farm finder’ search box.







Grown and spun in the UK. Proudly supporting the British farming industry.