A united supply chain.

The Woolkeepers® initiative has been brought together to establish a better way of doing business so that everyone in the supply chain benefits and feels connected.



This model provides sourcing integrity, pays a fair price for wool, communicates farm provenance and develops positive animal welfare.


We are a quality assurance platform, committed to delivering products which promote environmental and social change. Together we are H.Dawson and Brannach Olann. We work with suppliers and customers to design ingredient products created from
British wool and eco fibres.

We began on this journey 10yrs ago. Our idea was to make biodegradable wool products which performed on a technical and environmental level. We led with the tag line Proven by Evolution. Brands supported our simple approach to take only what you need and give back to the land; a virtuous cycle. Jump 5yrs forward and we started meeting producers who were invested in a sustainable approach to commercial sheep farming. Their aim was to produce premium product within an environmental framework.

They focused on good animal husbandry, reducing routine antibiotic use, resting the land & supporting local biodiversity’s. Overtime, these producers became our Woolkeepers, and these Woolkeepers became our friends. Together we learnt about a better way to do business; a united supply chain.

During 2019, H.Dawson and Brannach Olann created The Woolkeepers® initiative. It was developed as a new wool sourcing model which records the movement of materials from farm gate to factory door. The programme guarantees that every farmer is paid a fair price, and that the custody of their wool remains safe in our hands. We verify animal welfare and The Five Freedoms by working with producers from recognised assurance schemes and established societies.


Farms onboard


KG of Traceable wool supplied so far

“Great species diversity ensures natural sustainability for all life forms” Angus, Nov 18


One transparent sourcing programme which offers a higher level of fibre integrity for British wool

Traceability creates a level of assurance that supports a united supply chain, from farm through to factory door. Once connected, we can begin to shape a future vision which uses wool to reverse climate change.

This summer we delivered the first traceability wool programme in the UK. Together with farmers, shepherds, graders and finishers, our aim is to raise the profile of British wool grown & processed from a dynamic group of people; The Woolkeepers®.

We visited farms to learn how farmers care for their flock, land and how they grow the best wool. We wanted to understand the different levels of sheep farming, from commercial to rare breeds and from the highlands to the low lands.

We wanted to know what they thought about wool production and how we can make it better. Our greater social goal behind the farm traceability, is to support a campaign which nurtures land transformation and uses wool to reverse climate change

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